Critical But, Stable


No one ever tells you the cost of a perfect life …

The Msibis, the Manamelas and the Jiyas are high-flying married couples who belong to the Khula Society, a social club with investment and glitzy benefits.

The wives are smart, successful in their chosen careers and they lead lifestyles to match – jostling for pole position in the ‘Keeping up with the Khumalos’ stakes. The husbands have had their successes and failures, sometimes keeping dubious company and getting to the top of their fields by whatever means necessary.

Beneath the veneer of marital bliss, however, lie many secrets. What will happen to their relationships when a devastating event affects all their lives?

“Sheer entertainment, written in the exuberant style that is becoming Makholwa’s trademark. There’s something so spirited about her writing, it just sweeps you along as you’re caught up in her characters’ lives. Fictional or real, the rich really are different, and their lives are fascinating, but wealth cannot always cushion the three affluent couples in these pages. Their material problems may amuse us, but the pain of loss and betrayal is universal. Highly enjoyable.” – Jayne BaulingNo one ever tells you the cost of a perfect life! The cost of a perfect life is staggering, that it is if there is a perfect! On the surface or from a distance, people appear to be having it nice. A closer scrutiny reveals nightmares, this is Critical But, Stable.– Molebatsi