The 30th candle


‘OK, WHO IS THIS GUY? You said he’s not married, so if you’re knocked up, you have to tell who he is,’ Linda insisted.

Thirtieth Birthdays loom…
Skeletons come creeping out of closets…

How will this Birthday end?

Linda has just cast off yet another lover, while Dikeledi can’t seem to pin her fast-talking lawyer down to talk about marriage. Nolwazi has a secret – one she can’t share even with her closest friends, while Sade has found the perfect man, and a new life that will shut out the horrors of her past forever. Or will it …?

Linda, Dikeledi, Nolwazi and Sade are about to discover more than the wisdom that comes with being a year older. After all, they’re young, gifted and black in a booming new South Africa.


“It is by far the best book I have ever read. It’s one of those books you want to buy for friends as a Christmas gift…… actually I don’t need an excuse to buy anyone this book in particular. Angela Wow”
Antonia Sawula

“My attention was captured from start to finish! What a great start to my year! The story is about 4 friends (Linda, Dikeledi, Sade and Nolwazi) who have known each other most of their lives. As the story progresses we get to see that there are a lot of things happening in their individual lives that they dont want to share. Sooo much drama! I loved it! 1st read of the year!”
Ntombezinhle Nzama

“The book is brilliantly written with exciting twists and turns.
I thought I would struggle to keep track of the characters but the author kept them so real.”
Thabo Mosala